Did you make progress?
I, like most, have struggled to stay motivated and engaged in projects which aren't my primary source of income. The amount of work in my artistic graveyard is staggering and it's easy to get bummed out about that.

The truth is, projects are hard. The thought of the final product and the reminder of how far you are away from that vision can be daunting enough to never begin (or to give up shortly after). Over the years, I've found it enormously helpful to reframe my expectations by asking one simple question each day: Did you make progress?

The answer will only ever be yes or no, and, by the way, you're allowed to cheat. You can hop into a project and do the smallest amount of work to coerce this answer into a yes. Of course, when you do that, you'll often find that the work continues beyond the scope of the hack.

Maybe if we can decouple the discipline of sitting down with the weight of our guilt, worries, and ambition, we can actually start to make the progress we seek.
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