Gratitude is continually linked to happiness and good health. As a result, you're told to simply feel gratitude in your life. For many of us, however, attempting to seek gratitude as a habit can be awkward, forced, or somehow disingenuous.

Of course, we've all had the experience when the bad times come, that we can more clearly see how good things were/are/can be. Being engulfed in the fog of suffering makes us long for life outside it's vale, and, unfortunately, when the fog lifts we rarely retain our appreciation.

And so, feeling gratitude over the suffering in our life is honoring the seed of graciousness. Like all seeds, it's destined for growth, but withers without nourishment.

Maybe our job, then, is simply to wait for life to hand us the seed, and nurture it. Maybe remaining connected to good we see through the fog ensures that it can't thicken so easily.
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