Hard Work
You work hard, don't you?

Surely you work as hard as the coal workers delving into the mines for 10 hours a day or the social worker who's heart is continuously in a state of breaking. And surely if you don't do something that is intensely physically or emotionally taxing, you'll be offended by the implication that I'm not referred to it as hard work.

Of course, it makes sense that cultures would gravitate towards the reverence of hard work. Those that are contributing the most to a tribe are more valuable - they ought to be admired and protected.

But now, with over 7 billion humans on the planet living in a complex, interconnected world of social technologies like government, bureaucracy, and currency, the societal value of hard work has been replaced with rare work (or perhaps, complex work). As a result, it seems the monetary value of the physical and emotional contribution of human work has almost evaporated entirely (despite the fact that we still call clearly see it as hard work).

Worst of all, maybe we've continued to conflate the status and symbols of hard work with actual contribution, as if they were still interlinked.
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