Hypnotized by judgement
Judgement seems inherently human. There are too many symbols and too much context to really make sense of the reality that continuously floods our senses. It's much easier to label - is this good or is it bad. Is it scary? Is it wrong? If not now, could it be? If so, how?

We get so good at this as we age that we forget we do it - we forget the impact it has on the world around us and, more importantly, the impact it has on us. How exactly would you treat the judgmental voice you share a mind with if it was another person? How much would you let it control what you think and how you react?

And yet, we continue to listen to it's fearful, neurotic rambling day in and day out.

Maybe we're allowed to listen, but not obey. Maybe we're allowed to hear the voice, but decide whether or not it's reasonable. Maybe we're allowed to laugh at it.

And, if we're still around whether the judgement exists or not, maybe the judgement isn't really us after all.

This post inspired by The Untethered Soul
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