Modes of Leadership
There are three operating modes of leading people who create.
Mode 1  says, “this is what I want and this is how you should do it.”

Mode 2 says “this is what I want, but you figure out how to do it.”

Mode 3 says “let’s figure out what we can do, together.”

Mode 1 fuels places like Fivver and Upwork. It’s an operating mode that’s shorthand for outsourcing one’s own (real or perceived) expertise. Execution is prioritized over creativity.
Mode 2 is the most diverse (and common) among organizations who manage 'skilled workers.' Decisions are made by one arm, and the other arm acts on it. Creativity,  tolerance, and/or pushback may be allowed.

Mode 3 is the most rare, and it's where the magic happens. It’s why game changing groups are founded by folks with diverse and/or rare skillsets. The fear of asking producers to innovate is that they may not stretch the boundaries beyond their experience. More often, though, is that they know where to find gaps in systems where everybody else is being told what to do. They know which corners should be cut, and which shouldn't.

Most importantly, they might just know where those gaps fit into the future.

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