Pain of Privilege
For most of human history, privilege, by it's very definition, allowed you to place yourself in a tower, far above uncomfortable truths. Recently, however, as the internet proliferates our culture, this structure begins to crumble.

Injustice in any form now has the world's stage. Maybe it's our culture, maybe it's the ad networks, or maybe it's human tendency - but we can't look away.

The result is that some are faced with realities that they never knew existed. Realities, which in any other past they would have easily avoided. Realities that continue to remind us that the world is imperfect, and we aren't doing enough to fix it.

On one hand, there are real problems everywhere. On the other hand, an individual's cognitive net has limits.

Maybe it's not possible to stay informed without internalizing the trauma-inducing headlines that pervade the morning news and the social feeds. Maybe it's better that we share a collective suffering.

Maybe avoiding excess, in all of it's forms, means putting restraints to the cross section of the things that negatively impact us and the things we have an impact on. Maybe we can't solve the world's problems, but we can use them as fuel to make our points of contact with the world a better place.
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