Sea of Infinity
How many videos or books or albums or games could you consume right this second?

The answer is, practically, infinity.

Of course, this is a relatively new problem - the modern privilege of infinite choice, enabled by new technologies like the internet, pushes a new form of cognitive effort onto the consumer. Most of the participants and architects of the early internet, like myself, didn’t foresee this. Instead, we saw only the utopia of access and freedom and  inclusivity that came with shattering the keys that the old gatekeepers held dear.

Yet, here I am, watching The Office for the 6th time and downloading emulators to play the games that crafted my childhood.

Technology got us here, but maybe the solution is not a technological one. Removing the expectation to consume everything might live in our culture, but maybe it’s also in our control.

And maybe in seeking out content which is meaningful to us in a sea of infinity gives it more value, not less.
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