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What's Next?
These are the next big things we'll be working on at Neobub:

  • Image uploads for posts
  • Blog RSS Feed
  • Post comments
  • Newsletter subscriptions

What would you like to see?
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Why Newsletters Matter
Many moons ago, before tech giants tracked your activity across the internet and sold it to the highest bidder, there were neat technologies that standardized messaging between humans.

One of these ancient technologies allowed you to send messages, photos, and updates directly to your friends, instantly. They could reply directly to you, or share the content with their friends. All of this could be done without advertising networks tracking every click. It was called email.

We see newsletters making a massive resurgence today. Folks everywhere are rejecting social media and starting newsletters, and we get why. Newsletters cut through the noise of the feeds and platforms, and allow us to opt-in to the people we really want to hear from. Neobub was made as a dead-simple way to start a newsletter and connect with your audience, whether that's family, friends, or the diehard fans of your taco recipes (there are dozens of us).

We think things like newsletters and RSS (coming soon) are critical components to a free, private, and sane internet.

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👋 Welcome to Neobub
Do you feel like you've got a case of feed fever? Want a simple and direct way to get your message out?

Us to. Neobub as a slim, simple, and personal way to stay in touch with your audience.
We're pretty stoked about being able to offer email subscriptions to your Neobub blog posts. This means folks can stay in touch with what you're posting without having to check your blog directly or create a Neobub account.

Here are a few important things you should know about blog subscriptions:
  • Subscribers will have your email address. They'll be able to reply to any post and it'll end up directly in YOUR inbox.
  • Subscribers will receive anything you post directly in their inbox. This, of course, means that deleted content may still linger in the inboxes of your subscribers.
  • There's about an hour delay between when you post something and when it gets sent. You can edit or remove a post before it gets sent to your subscribers.
  • Disabling the subscription form will not prevent existing subscribers from getting your new posts. You can remove them manually at any time in your subscribers list.
  • Emails will be plain text - no style customization which exists on your Neobub blog will carry over to email posts.
  • Messages that are marked as spam effect every Neobub user. Keep things cool.