Why Newsletters Matter
Many moons ago, before tech giants tracked your activity across the internet and sold it to the highest bidder, there were neat technologies that standardized messaging between humans.

One of these ancient technologies allowed you to send messages, photos, and updates directly to your friends, instantly. They could reply directly to you, or share the content with their friends. All of this could be done without advertising networks tracking every click. It was called email.

We see newsletters making a massive resurgence today. Folks everywhere are rejecting social media and starting newsletters, and we get why. Newsletters cut through the noise of the feeds and platforms, and allow us to opt-in to the people we really want to hear from. Neobub was made as a dead-simple way to start a newsletter and connect with your audience, whether that's family, friends, or the diehard fans of your taco recipes (there are dozens of us).

We think things like newsletters and RSS (coming soon) are critical components to a free, private, and sane internet.

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