Fall in Berlin
Fall is officially here - the weather is changing and the trees are changing colors. It's quite beautiful, and this will be my first 'real' winter as a California kid (my coworkers can't wait to see my misery 😂).

I don't think I've wrote since we took our trip to Venice, which was amazing. It's an unreal place, so it makes sense that it would be swamped with tourists. We got a chance to talk to some locals and find out more about the history through some tours and exploration, which is incredible. Best of all, the trip was a super cheap/short flight from Germany.

Still working lots - another developer and I have been working to relaunch the product for over a month and it's not alive and in the wild - always a satisfying experience. I'm working on a handful of other projects when I find the time.

I've also got back into podcasts now that I have a commute (about 30-40 minutes door to door, but living here makes it hard to imagine not having an amazing public transit system). Lots of How I Built this and Hidden Brain (this episode is a good one).

PS - If you find yourself in Venice, try the Almond cake at Rio Maria.

Hope all is well in your world - let me know what you're up to.

❤️ Spenser
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