Happy New Year
I hope everyone had a happy new year!

The last half of this year has blown by at the speed of light. Alex and I stayed in Berlin for the holidays and had pizza, potato soup, and a lot of long distant facetimes. So far, the winter hasn't been that bad (famous last words, I'm sure) - I'm looking forward to the new year as the startup hires more and things get a little less hectic. We have some awesome friends stay with us (who were also from the states) for New Years and we experienced the absolute insanity that is Berlin new years on the streets. I haven't watched The Purge, but it felt like what I imagine it to be like.

I'm giving up on new years resolutions because they don't seem to work for me, but I'm excited to see what the new year ahead has to offer. I've been working recently on a weird multiplayer web collectible game thing: oozesaga.com(it's kind of like a massively multiplayer board/card game), which has a few hundred people signed up so far.

Also, we're going to Japan in Feb so send me recommendations and/or connect me with english speaking helpers!

Rad links:

Poland in the 80s
NY in the 30s

Here's to the next 3 months of adjusting to writing/typing 2019 on everything. Let me know what's happening in your neck of the woods!

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