In Berlin
I'm officially settled in Berlin! Alex and I made the journey a little over a week ago now, stopping over in Connecticut at a friend's place to cut down the trip and get some much needed relaxation from the chaos of packing up your life in a few duffel bags (the pets appreciated it too). Their family house in CT was amazing - we got to visit their new bb and NYC while we were there (my first time)!

Our jet lag is just now wearing off and we've both started our new gigs (I'm on day 2 at (rebrand incoming)). The company is doing online mortgages for Germany, which isn't really a thing yet (which seems to line up with the larger trend of digitizing services that have been digital for some time in the US). I almost have my subway commute figured out without the aid of google maps. I've lucked out in finding such a great set of folks to work with.

We also were able to land a great apartment in neukolln. Everything in the city and, to a lesser extend, in the way people live is still net new to me, which is exciting and almost overwhelming at times. We're still acclimating to the language barrier, which hasn't provided any huge challenges so far and Berlin is currently going through an unseasonably hot heat wave (so we're told) which has been no fun without an air conditioner (A/Cs are apparently pretty uncommon here). Also, the food is SO cheap!

All in all, it's been a super exciting adventure so far and I am excited to see how it shapes up.

What I'm Consuming:
- 1944 (Just a coincidence that I'm reading this breakdown of WW2 events, some of which happen to involve Berlin)
- Grand Designs (Netflix)
- Derren Brown: Miracle (Netflix) Derren Brown got a Netflix special. Every show of his I watch seems to top the one previously, and this is no exception.

I also recently discovered Libby, which is this super rad app that takes your library card from anywhere in the US and allows you to check out ebooks for your kindle and also includes audiobook!

I saved some stories from the trip to Berlin on instagram, so feel free to check them out.

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