Off to Italy & Tunis
Hi all,

Alex, Miles, and I got back from Sweden and had a week to rest before we're seeing some friends in Bari and then over to Tunis (working from HQ). It'll be my first time to most places, so I'm excited.

Some highlights of the Scandinavia trip were meeting up w/ friends in Norway (we went on an amazing fjord tour), the Oslo natural history museum, the hike to the top of some mountain in Norway (the guide was this amazing lady who immigrated to the US from the middle of nowhere, Russia to work at a McDonalds and was full of incredible stories). There's a bunch of stuff I'm forgetting right now.

Here are some photos from the trip.

On the way back to Berlin, Finnair put our luggage on another flight coming back to Berlin, so we ended up waiting > 8 hours across two days in a 'lost' luggage facility (attached to Tegal airport) which makes the DMV truly feel like an exceptional customer service experience. We saw people cry, mobs start to form, and the children eventually hacked the display ipads at the front of the building and started watching Youtube. It was really an experience (but we got them both back just in time to leave again).

Cool things I've stumbled across:
- A hilarious font inspired my gerrymandering
- An inspiring short about a conservation effort in New Zealand
- Some amazing old footage of a woman talking about the beginning of television
- An article about why it took so long for us to get the bicycle going
- A great list of famous writers who found their fame after the age of 35
- A rad video about bonobos, a less talked about fellow primate

I'm also currently obsessing over this site: The server is run on solar and the content is really amazing and well researched.

Hope everything is good in your neck of the woods!

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