Scandinavian Swimmers
Hello from Norway 🇳🇴 (Bergen to be exact)!

Alex, Miles, and I just got in to Norway last Sunday (from Helsinki). Miles got 'confiscated' at the Norway border for not having a specific worm treatment and had to be in isolation for 24 hours. As unfortunate as that whole situation was, the people involved at the border were really patient and friendly and I have yet to run into an unpleasant person in Norway (yet). The number of electric cars here is pretty amazing - a likely glimpse into the future.

Finland was also really chill - it seems like a lot of people were out of Helsinki for the summer, so it was pretty empty. It just so happened there full-blown amusement park like a block away from us, so we spent an amazing day there (I confirmed that I'm still terrified by ferris wheels fyi). There was no security at the park, so we just walked in and had to ask people where we actually pay, which seems to sum up the very trusting culture they have there.

People's English in these parts is amazing and I continue to feel like a buffoon for only knowing one language. We're missing the Berlin food prices fo sho (our pizzas the other day cost of €60 (shame on us for getting the side salad and garlic bread)).

📘 I read through the Wisdom of Insecurity (by Alan Watts - a short read and well worth the time). In addition, I've stumbled upon SO many interesting things since the last newsletter so here are a few:

Btw, I'm now sending this newsletter out via (a small web thing I built a few weekends ago). It's still in the experimental phase (as far as features go), but If you want to start a newsletter or blogthing of your own, feel free to use it. I'm also using this new platform as a way to try and improve my writing skills through a nearly-daily blog/newsletter/thing I'm calling Maybe I'm Wrong (here's the first video review hot off the press).

Hope everyone is staying cool! Let me know what's going on in your neck of the woods.

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