Sun Sun Go Away
I hope everyone is doing well!

Berlin is starting to get warmer, and the sun is rising at 5AM and going down at 9/10PM which is wreaking havok on my sleep (is that how you spell wreak? or havok?). Alex's parents just left town after traveling around Europe a bit and we're gearing up for a small visit to Norway, Finland, and a few other places for June/July to escape the NON-AIR-CONDITIONED heat in Berlin.

I've been spending most of my weekends working on Ooze Saga (my 'game' project) and exploring some new (to me) games (Elder Scrolls Online is stunning and Risk of Rain is painful) in an effort to intentionally slow down and be less obsessive w/ productivity (we'll see how that goes).

I finished two great books since the last newsletter.

The Body Keeps the Score was one Alex showed me. It covers a lot of ground related to psychology, physiology, and trauma - it continuously shocks you with amazing information and brings a broader understanding of how trauma effects our culture and society. I  highly recommend it.

David and Goliath is an old one I just got around to. Most interesting was the big fish little pond topic - how the worse students at the top colleges tend to drop out/change majors because they're comparing themselves to the best students of the world (resulting in fewer science/math majors, despite clearly being capable). Of course, this makes me think that the internet is a REALLY big pond so we're drawing comparisons and setting expectations for ourselves compared to everyone in the world, simultaneously. All of Malcom Gladwell's audiobooks now remind me of extended episodes of revisionist history, which is a cool podcast he does, if you're into that kind of thing.

ALSO I'm not a regular listener to this podcast (Alex is), but Armchair Expert had on Esther Perel, who is an author/therapist who deals primarily in romantic relationship? I had never heard of her before but DAMN ITS SO INTERESTING. It's long, but covers a TON of ground, bringing up ideas and concepts I hadn't thought about before - it's absolutely worth a listen.

Rad links
- How Mr. Rodgers wrote for kids (a case study on copy refinement)
- The trap of turning hobbies into hustles
- What changed my mind about climate change
- The internet might become a series of dark forests
- Neurofeedback can zap away our fears (The body keeps score talks about this 'treatment' method and the results are kind of insane (but you can't wrap it up in a recurring pill you sell so maybe it'll stay under wraps))

Let me know what's going on in your neck of the woods!

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