Tschüss Germany
It's nearly Halloween (one of my favorite holidays (although tricker treating isn't a thing in Germany)). I've been getting back into the normal groove of things just in time for us to leave. Alex and I are moving back to California in early December - we'll be staying near Sacramento for a little while before heading to the east coast to check out a more permanent location (finger lakes area of NY for starters).

Many things prompted the move, but a big one for me is finding a little more permanence (living out of a couple bags for nearly two years can be draining). I haven't been back to the US for quite a while so it'll be nice to visit everyone again (and be in an environment where you really understand folks) - I have high expectations for reverse culture shock 😂. I'm going to be leaving the gig I have here in Germany and hopefully taking some time between jobs to figure out what the next thing is.

It's been so long since I've written, so I have quite the stockpile of cool links:

- Detained is an amazing and nuanced mini-documentary series which fills in the history of US immigration detention centers (starting in the 50s) with amazing interviews of folks who are in this space every day.
- Smart, Rich, and Free is a data-filled essay series about human macro progress.
- The American dream is alive in China is an interesting and uncommon perspective on -recent progress in China.
- In the era of for-profit passion projects, the creed of compromise is an interesting write up on why you should have unproductive hobbies.
- This amazing video of a dreaming octopus.
- A short clip of how Warsaw stands still for one minute every August 1st (so surreal).

I hope all is well in your world! 💌

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