Neobub Terms of Service

We aren't lawyers, so excuse the plain language.

Neobub a service purely for entertainment purposes. Neobub and all materials contained, are distributed on an "as is" without warranties or guarantees of any kind. These rules are subject to change.

1. Respect others

There's a person behind every screen. Hateful or intentionally harmful content is not allowed.

2. Keep it clean

Keep content safe for work. Moderation, enforcement, hosting, and logistics are much more difficult if adult content is allowed.

3. Be a human

Neobub was intended to be used by humans to communicate with other humans. Bots, automated scripting, exploitation, or spam of any kind is prohibited.

4. Be you

Do not register or use information or content that does not belong to you. Do not pretend to be someone else. Do not post things that are not yours.

5. Keep active

Inactive accounts are subject for removal within 6 months of last activity.

6. Grown-ups Only

You must be over 18 in order to register with or use Neobub.

Report any activity which breaks the rules to [email protected]


The content you publish to Neobub belongs to you. Any content you upload may be modified under certain conditions (reduce filesizes of images, alter content to fit on mobile devices, modify content for emails, etc.).

Any content published to Neobub may be publically visible to other users and exposed to the greater internet. Do not post anything which you do not want to be public.

Data Privacy

We use every precaution to keep your data safe, including limited access to other services (we don't have Google or Facebook tracking scripts). Data you provide to Neobub will never be sold to other parties.

We send limited user data to the following 3rd party services:

At any point you can remove your account on your profile settings page. Removing an account will result in the removal of any content stored by us.

Failure to comply by any rule can result in account removal without notice. These rules are subject to change at any time. Please contact [email protected] with any concerns.